More Than Investing

In addition to investment advice, Park Piedmont Advisors provides guidance on other financial and life planning topics. These services are an integral part of the work we do for many clients, and are included in the overall asset management fee.

Our advisory services include:

  • Retirement Planning: Preparing and discussing projections of how much money needs to be accumulated to provide for our clients’ desired lifestyles in retirement, including the long-term impact of inflation. We also advise on the various ways to establish and fund tax-advantaged retirement accounts.
  • Saving for Education: Advising about how to save and invest for higher education, including tax-advantaged Section 529 Plans and Education Savings Accounts.
  • Estate Planning Strategies: Educating about ways to transfer assets to spouses, children, grandchildren, and charities. We collaborate closely with clients’ attorneys in the implementation of clients’ estate planning strategies.
  • Tax-Efficient Planning: Consulting with tax advisors regarding annual contributions to tax-advantaged accounts, retirement accounts, and charities. We also focus on the most tax-efficient accounts for holding different types of assets, as well as tax-loss selling.
  • Personal Insurance Planning: Providing guidance on life, disability, and long term care insurance needs. Firm co-founder Nick Levinson is a licensed insurance agent who provides analysis as to how much and what type of coverage will best protect our clients and their families.
  • Real Estate Financing: Analyzing the financial implications of loans for the purchase and financing of real estate. We are able to provide our clients with access to favored financing through our relationship with Schwab Bank.
  • Consulting with Non-Profits: Working with non-profit Boards of Directors to draft and implement investment policies for non-profit clients.
  • Wealth and Values: Advising families, family foundations, and mission-driven organizations on the links between money and meaning, personal wealth and broader purpose.