What’s the Most Important Thing to You?

Victor Levinson Comments, Financial Life 101

Chances are, money was not the first thing that crossed your mind.

Make no mistake: money is extremely important in our lives and our world: it shapes our behavior, often drives our decision-making, and colors the way we think and speak. But money, at core, is just a tool. We don’t earn money for money’s sake. We do it to have a home, support the educational pursuits of our children and grandchildren, retire comfortably, see the world, invest in our community. Money, at core, is a vehicle to express our deeply held values, goals, and priorities. The purpose of our financial advisory work is always to achieve something more than money.

At Park Piedmont Advisors, a big part of the work we do is to help our clients envision and plan for their future. We understand that, for virtually everyone, the future is full of both promise and uncertainty. And the timeframe for measuring success is long.

So: what do you want your money to help you accomplish?