Nick Levinson Life with Money

As Park Piedmont moves into its third decade serving our clients, I wanted to share a few personal reflections on our family firm.

First, we’ve been very fortunate to see the firm grow significantly over the years. Initially, in 2003, Vic and I worked just with Lynette, who many of you will remember as our longtime, beloved Client Service guru. Tom joined in 2014 and has been a key firm leader while also bringing an important focus on life planning to the more technical work of money management. The advisory team expanded further with the addition of Samantha in 2021 and my son Nate in 2022.

To complement this additional capacity on the advisory side, we’ve added staff to provide outstanding client service. Ana now leads the Client Service team, which includes Leslie, Kathryn, and, most recently, Heather. We have Amanda focusing on operations, and Corenna on education and marketing. We also continue to work closely with our three CPAs/advisors, Richard, George, and Stu.

Even as we’ve grown, we’ve worked hard to retain the feeling and values of a small family firm. The entire team is committed to providing thoughtful, unbiased, comprehensive financial advice to all of you.

Second, we continually strive to honor Vic’s legacy. He was a great advisor and teacher, and demonstrated a total commitment to helping clients achieve their goals throughout their various stages of life and wealth. He set an example for us, both professionally and of course personally, and we know he would be thrilled to see that a third generation of our family is now part of the Park Piedmont team.

Speaking of Nate, we were overjoyed to celebrate his wedding last month! We spent a great week with family and friends in Minneapolis, where his wife Nuria grew up, culminating in a really fun ceremony and party. Nate and Nuria have been together since sophomore year of college, and are moving to Cincinnati, where Nuria has an internship as part of her clinical psychology training.

Finally, as Park Piedmont started and has continued as a family firm, we also celebrate the opportunity to provide advice and peace of mind to multiple generations of many client families. We spend a lot of time making sure that the transitions among generations of Park Piedmont advisors and clients go as smoothly as possible and continue to serve your needs. We are especially excited, for example, to see Sam and Nate beginning to advise third-generation clients.

This family continuity was a primary goal of ours when we founded the firm, and we’re honored that so many of you, of all generations, continue to place your trust in us.